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The Bombshell Beaus

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The Bombshell Beaus


This entertaining vocal-harmony trio presents a group of dashing dreamboats, performing some of the most memorable hits from across the decades in their own distinctive sound. A show comprising a smooth balance of sentiment and comedy, this is sure to get the atmosphere buzzing at any event.

Adorning American GI-style uniforms, leather flying jackets and those essential super-cool aviators, The Bombshell Beaus begin their show by serenading the audience with a nostalgic selection of 40s and 50s classics. Engaging with the crowd, their second set sees more swinging, swaying and swooning as the Beaus step on to the stage. Smartly dressed in stylish tuxedos and dickie bows, they proceed in bringing the songs of the 50s and 60s to life.

“Boys want to be them, girls want to be with them” … With exceptional style, the beckoning Beaus provide a show filled with humour, reflection and a spectrum of music genres. Songs from the past and present, each performed with special arrangements flaunting their signature vintage sound. Can be themed and styled to suit any theme. Available as a roaming acapella group or with specially-composed backing music, this act can also be accompanied by live band and an additional Glenn Miller-style brass section.

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