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Music & Vocal Academy


Riverside Studios – Performance Academy

Our aim at Riverside Studios is to help each of our students on their paths to success. Naturally, each individual’s interpretation of success will differ according to their own goals and ambitions as a singer or musician. Therefore, we begin by having an informal chat with each student to better understand what they want to achieve and what their current skillset is. From there, we will designate a tutor who will relate best to their requirements and formulate a syllabus for our students to follow.

All our tutors have been fully DBS-checked. They are industry-leading professionals who are seasoned entertainers or touring musicians themselves and are fully experienced in teaching a range of performance techniques.



As Riverside Studios is also home to our production company, Revival Live UK, we will be producing academy concerts and shows throughout the year which the students can take part in. This will give them the chance to put all their new skills into practice while gaining experience of performing in front of a live audience where they can demonstrate their achievements to family and friends. There will also be opportunities to audition for our future acts and productions – we have many new shows in the pipeline and we’re always on the lookout for new talent!


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